Billabong Blue Sapphire

A Few Words About Us

Billabong Blue Sapphire
Billabong Blue Sapphire is the name of our store located at the Tourist Information Centre in Inverell, New South Wales.

It is one of the leading jewellery stores in the area. When you come to Inverell, "The Sapphire City" you can learn the history of the town and why Inverell has been called "The Sapphire City".

This beautiful store is affiliated with Sapphire mines in the area and we take pride in being a reliable supplier of Australian Sapphire for both cut and uncut stones.

For over thirty years, we have been involved in the exportation of rough sapphires to the world market. We know that the source won't last forever. This is the good time to invest in the gemstones which have been held in high regard throughout the history.

Our products are negotiable for that special piece of unique colours to enhance your gems and jewellery collection. John, Anna and Rhonda welcome you to their store and can help you with their good advice from fossicking, selecting of good gemstones to gem faceting prospect.